Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Happiness is a good hair day…

I know that looks aren’t everything but sometimes looking good helps you feel good on the inside. One of the most important things to looking good is having great hair. I have always been into hair and making sure my hair looked as nice as I could make it. Through the years, I’ve gone through several transitions and growing out processes with my hair. 

In 2014, when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I decided to cut off all of my hair. One, I wanted to know what it was like to be almost bald and free of hair care. Two, my pregnancy was very high risk and when I’m under stress I take it out on my hair sometimes. Three, the hormones had me feeling all motherly and I felt I had that cute pregnancy glow. Lastly, I wanted to go natural for the 100th time. I loved it for a while! It was easy to manage, I could wet it everyday without a long routine to follow, and it felt liberating. Once I had my baby and all of my pregnancy hormones left in 2016 I was back to me except no hair. I no longer enjoyed the short hair and began to feel insecure about it. I felt like a boy at times and did not feel like a sexy feminine woman. Up until then I kept it short and tapered. Then after my 29th birthday, I began my quest to grow it back and have big curly hair again. I knew protective styles would have to be the way to help me get there. I tried so many!!! Lol Braids, twists, various crochets styles, sew in, full wigs, making u-part wigs, head wraps, wash and go’s, you name it! I couldn’t find one that I felt I could redo continuously without damaging my hair or it taking too much time to do. I was frustrated! 

Then one day a coworker showed me a pic of her cousin who wore lace front wigs to help grow her natural hair. I was in shock because it looked like her hair and underneath the wig her real hair was BOMB!!! I was sold!! Next day I was on YouTube, watched a bunch of wig reviews, and bought a human hair lace front wig! I was in love😍and I knew I had found my saving grace. Since then I have moved on to less expensive and lower maintenance wigs. I have so many now…different colors, lengths, styles, and textures. They take no time to apply and I can keep my real hair cleaned and conditioned without any hassle. 

But the biggest impact has been on my self esteem. My confidence has sky rocketed back up!! I actually feel more like myself now because I’ve almost always had at least shoulder length hair. I get a lot more attention now and even hear compliments like model and movie star. Lol Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought I was a cute girl and even with my short cut I still got many compliments. However, my wig game has taken me to another level! Lol I feel sexier, dress sexier, and just feel like I’m one bad b****! lol

What inspired me to write about this was a talk I had with one of my patients about wigs and hair. Her hair had fallen out and she wanted to know about “my beautiful hair.” I gave her the whole spiel about my hair journey, tips and suggestions on what kind of wigs to buy and where. She told me, “You just made my life!! Tell the doctor I’m not depressed anymore. All I needed was some hair!” The joy in her voice and on her face really touched me. It made me realize that hair has such an impact on a lot of us and fabulous hair can make life a little better!😘

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