Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Wearing these shades…

There’s so much I want to say…so many things I want to feel, do, and experience. But I’m wearing these shades. No one wants to hear what I really have to say. They don’t want to know my biggest fears…my dreams…my fantasies…my darkest secrets. So I’m wearing these shades. They know me as the sweet girl…the good girl…the polite girl…the smart girl…the wouldn’t harm a fly girl. So the shades stay on girl. But I’m tired…I’m broken…I’m hurting…I’m suffocating…I’ve been trapped behind these shades and I feel like I’m dying. If I reveal me, the bad me, the I don’t give a f*** me, the let’s get lit me, the nasty😜 me…would they accept me? I’m soooo ready to take these shades off and say “f the world here I am!”…but are they ready to see me…the unapologetic me…the brutally honest me, the not so pretty me, the real me…the girl who’s been hiding behind these shades me…

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