Shades💋of 💋Dominique

The Countdown: “That’s my best friend!”

I remember in highschool my friends got mad at me because I referred to them as my “school friends.” I didn’t mean it in a bad way at all. My cousins and my little sister were my first bffs and still are to this day. We did everything together! We were like a gang!! Lol I never really hung out with my “school friends” outside of school and that’s why I referred to them as such. Nonetheless they were still my bffs and they meant a lot to me. I’ve never been big on having a bunch of friends and pretty much stuck to the same ones while we were in school together. My elementary bffs: Karlla, Jessica, and Ra’cine…middle school:Angela, Kim, and Shawnna…highschool: Leigh Ann, Danielle, and Teaunda…college: forget friends…it was all about the ex fiancé lol Today my only bff is me!!! Lol Jk My cousins/lil sister are still probably my closest friends with an exception of a few “school friends” lol Friendship is very important and I hope to spend more time and build stronger relationships with the few friends I still have😘😍😘 

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