Shades💋of 💋Dominique

The Countdown: Day 2 The Highlights

•Bought my very first car(1999 Gold mercury sable),then someone totaled it a few months later: age 20

•Got my license: age of 20😳

•Got accepted into the College of Nursing at WSU: age 20 

•Went on first vacation to Atlanta: age 21

•Went natural for the first time: age 22

•Graduated from WSU despite some setbacks: age 23

•Moved to Columbus and worked the best job ever at the Easton Macys lol: age 23

•Moved back to Dayton and enjoyed the lit life for 6 months lol : age 23

•Passed the NCLEX:age 24

•First job at MVH: age 24

•Got married:age 25

•First born (Malik): age 25

•2nd RN job w/Fidelity HH: age 26

•Started my fav nursing and current job on the Gero psych unit at GVMC :age 26

•Almost touched Beyoncé’s hand at the On the Run Tour: age 27

•Cut off ALL OF MY HAIR and went natural for the 3rd time😆: age 27

•Survived and had my miracle baby(Soraya) :age 28

•Asked to be a charge nurse :age 28

•Got my sexy back 😏: age 29

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