Shades💋of 💋Dominique

The Countdown: last day…☹️20yr old Treacey vs 29yr old Latreace

       20 yr old Treacey was very shy, quiet, “the good girl”, afraid to take risks, goofy, smart, considerate, submissive, passive, sweet, unsure, cared what others thought about her, held everything in, and afraid to be who she really was…
        29 yr old Latreace is pretty much exactly the same!!! Lmao Nah she is still sweet, goofy, intelligent, and considerate. But now she’s kinda outgoing, a risk taker, knows what she wants, very expressive, passive-aggressive becoming assertive lol, do what she wants (most of the time), accepts who she is despite what others may think, a hot girl, bossy, bad, and boujee!!!

Bye bye 20s, it’s been too real!!!✌🏽

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