Shades💋of 💋Dominique

 I just want what I want…

When I want something it consumes my mind. I can barely think of anything else. Even more so when I have to fight to get it. The procrastinator and lackadaisical side of me leaves and I become this determined, persistent, relentless, over-zealous being. Sometimes I can’t even stop myself from pursuing whatever it is I want. I try but I’m so passionate, I just can’t let up. I love to win and in my mind I’m competing on a daily basis to acquire it. Coming up with new strategies to get whatever it is I want. The longer it takes to obtain, the more valuable it becomes to me. I don’t want anyone else to get what I want. I need it all to myself, all the time. Unlike some once they get what they want, they’re bored with it and ready to pursue something else…once I prevail, all that passion put into getting it, is now put into keeping it forever because I genuinely do want…what I want.

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One thought on “ I just want what I want…

  1. I like this……. There is a lot of emotion within this piece! Somebody give the woman what she wants!!!! Two thumbs up.

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