Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Long time no see

It’s been a while since I last saw you. Something’s different…your hair, the way you dress, idk but something is new. Wait I do know, it’s the look in your eyes. I don’t know that look. When I last saw you, there was a sparkle, a glimmer, a “I love you” type of view…that I saw when I was last with you. Now it’s different. You look at me as if you don’t know me. As if I wasn’t the one whose arms you laid in whenever you were scared or lonely. I know we both said and did things we didn’t mean. Things got so bad and there was no one there to intervene. So here we are face to face, many moons later, and you don’t look at me the same. It hurts because I see you and my heart still calls out your name. Then I see her…The reason your eyes are empty when you look at me. The reason it’s been such a long time no see…

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6 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. Wow! As a lion this piece was very in-lion-meant to me. As I’m my past I have been that guy who shamelessly had to bare witness to the pain in a woman eye from my flaws. Deep and I appreciate you sharing your gift and spirit with us.

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  2. EbMiche on said:

    This. Is. Everything. Sorry you had to experience this. You’ll be better for it.

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  3. This is deep! I love it. That empty feeling you have when you look into eyes you were once so familiar with, sheesh, this really hits home.

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