Shades💋of 💋Dominique

And I begin to…

I see a text from you in the middle of the day that reads “I’ve been thinking about you” I smile, and begin to tremble.
I get home, the phone rings, it’s a call from you, my heart flutters and I begin to tremble.
We talk on the phone for hours…discussing an array of topics…laughing and learning each other…and I begin to tremble. 
As the conversation comes to an end my heart starts racing. There’s a long’s been several months…I begin to tremble
Then you say it, those three enchanting words. “I love you.” I’ve been feeling this way since I first saw you. Now it’s mutual and I’m trembling. 
You reveal you’ve wanted to say it for weeks but didn’t want to scare me. You think about me all day, you always look forward to seeing me, hearing my voice, and learning more about me.  You’re in love with me, you want to be there for me, and you think you could spend the rest of your life with me.

I’m smiling ear to ear, my heart feels like it’s going to burst with joy. He’s the guy my soul has been searching for. I say it back, “I love you too” and I begin to tremble.
But this trembling feels like a nudging and it’s followed by a “hey are you ok?” I open my eyes and it’s my coworker. My eyes start to fill with tears as I realize it was all a dream. I was still unhappy, unloved, and alone…then I began to tremble.

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3 thoughts on “And I begin to…

  1. You certainly have a gift with putting words together and keeping your reads intrigued. I’m becoming more fond of your writings. Continue to write from the heart and edit with your mind. Peace and Blessings Goddess

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  2. I absolutely love your work…makes me want to get back into writing

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