Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Sweet Sex

I’m looking into your eyes as you’re grabbing on my thighs.

My heart is beginning to race as you start kissing on my face.

I’m climbing on top of you and feel him poking through, I want you inside me like drilling a piece of wood with a screw.

As you enter my warm box of love, I can feel all of you and we fit just like a glove.

I see it in your eyes as our bodies slide against each other, our love is transcending into physical pleasure. 

I’m moaning, you’re moaning as the euphoria intensifies,the orgasms are nearing and ready to satisfy.

I’m beginning to climax so I scream out your name,”Yes daddy!” is what I exclaim.

You keep saying you wanna go all night long but the sound of my screams makes you start singing a different song.

“I’m coming! I’m coming” you shout out over and over. Now you’re laid out on the bed as if you’re hungover.

You wrap your arms around me and kiss me on my cheek, then you look me in my eyes and say “never had sex this sweet”

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Sex

  1. Please tell me your prepping to write a book?!

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