Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Kiss me💋

You talked about my lips often and I remember when you first kissed me…it was something I thought about so many times and knew it would happen eventually. 

When our lips finally touched I felt something so magical. I could feel it through my whole body we were more than just compatible. 

That first kiss sent shockwaves throughout, you were going to be the best and I no longer had any doubts. 

I didn’t want to stop and I could tell you didn’t either…it needed to last forever and not be just a teaser. 

I enjoyed the sweet taste of your mouth as our tongues intertwined, this experience was fantastic,tentilating, simply divine. 

Your lips were so soft I couldn’t help but to take a bite…I knew I’d have to have you and be with you for the rest of the night.
You kissed me all over…one of best encounters of my life…the lust and pleasure were so intense due to the many years of being enticed. 

My body craved and needed you desperately…I’m elated you mustered up the nerves and finally kissed me…

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One thought on “Kiss me💋

  1. Another piece that captures the hearts but explores the mind. Makes one wonder about their own magical kiss they shared with someone. Or what that must be like for the ones who have yet to experience that type of kiss.

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