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Confessions of an Affection Addict

Affection is so important…I sometimes feel like I can’t live without it. Growing up my mom was not affectionate at all and I later learned it was d/t her mom being an alcoholic and not showing her any as well. But the lack of affection from my mom has affected me tremendously. I crave affection and intimacy. If it were up to me I’d walk around in someone’s arms all day. lol I love being touched, rubbed, held, and kissed. Luckily I’m the complete opposite of my mom. I’m super affectionate with my children. I have no problem and I enjoy showing my loved ones that I love them. I give lots of hugs and kisses!  Just holding someone’s hand can ease their fears and anxiety. A hug can help take away hurt and pain even for a moment. A kiss can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Even a compliment could be considered a form of affection and a compliment can do wonders for one’s confidence. Sometimes brightens your whole day.

Making love is the ultimate form of physical intimacy and affection. To physically become one with another and allow yourself to be vulnerable, is something that should not be taken lightly. I’m not saying it can’t be fun and exciting but there are hormones released during sex and causes so many emotions and feelings to come forth. Being intimate with someone especially if you love them, feeds your mind,body, and soul all at once. It brings your body such pleasure and relaxation, helps clear your thoughts, relieves mental and physical stress, and it brings peace and serenity to your soul. It actually can become addictive because of the high you experience and sometimes it’s the only thing that can give you that high.

I’m not saying I’m a sex addict, lol but I feel like I need that intimacy everyday. I know it’s not possible everyday but I need it often. I love the activities prior to it and the feelings afterwards. Of course the during is best of all! It can be fun, sensual, kinky, exciting, intense, eye opening, and tranquil. Makes me feel like I’m in heaven! Sometimes it feels like I’m falling hopelessly in love. The passion and all the physical interaction can change my whole mood instantly. I actually think it’s a necessity for my mental and emotional well being. Lol

All in all, affection and intimacy is very important to me and to others. It can be expressed in many ways and not just physical. We need affection and some of us desperately need it. Lol Anyone can show us affection and it can have positive effects. However, physical intimacy i.e sex, can’t be with just anyone. It has to be with someone you connect with in order to get that real high. So when you find that person, you should hold on to them because you’ll get to experience that high often and who wouldn’t want that?

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