Shades💋of 💋Dominique

It’s ok

Just trying to figure out how to be okay with being alone. Growing up with a bunch of siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents who lived next door…physically I was never alone. However, for the most part I’ve always felt alone. No one to open up to and express everything I was feeling or thinking. My childhood taught me not to trust and that it’s hard to find someone you can depend on. So I learned to keep it all in or write it down and to be really independent. 

There has been a point in my life that I no longer felt alone but that harmonious period of my life has ended. That unbearable feeling of being alone has resurfaced. However, this time I want to fix my perception of it. I don’t want to suffer through it and hope it ends. I want to somehow make it something positive and that I feel content with everyday. I want to be ok with only relying on myself for comfort and dealing with my feelings, thoughts, and concerns. I want to be ok with not having someone to depend on. 

Some say we’re not meant to be alone and everyone needs someone. Then others say we need to learn how to be alone and be ok with it. I guess it depends on the individual but my life has taught me to follow the latter. People will let you down, disappear, forget about you, and even pass away. That’s just life but I want to learn to be ok with it…I don’t want to be disappointed or hurt anymore…

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