Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Love’s prisoner 

It happened so fast, it knocked me off my feet. I was caught in a whirlwind and my heart accepted the defeat. Not that it wasn’t a battle worth losing because I was the one that he was choosing. He caught me and made me his love prisoner, but I was more than willing to be his and wasn’t accepting any new visitors. My heart was captured and I was loving every minute of it, he said I love you and I was ready to commit. I could see it his eyes and could hear it in the words he spoke to me, I had an effect on him and there was no way he could disagree. 

Then he set me free in the middle of limbo, I couldn’t touch him but I still saw him through the window. He was looking in my direction but I don’t think he saw me because I jumped, screamed, cried, and shouted out a plea. He didn’t flinch, didn’t make a sound, in fact he turned to walk away. I needed him desperately, my heart was in his custody, and I didn’t want to be free. There it was on the ground, my pride, in the form of a lock, I threw it at his window, hoping it would break and he wouldn’t block. He picked it up and looked at me, broken, vulnerable, bare, helpless and needing of his love. To my surprise, he walked over to me, held me, kissed me, and told me I had passed the test. He too was in love, vulnerable, uncertain, so he had to make sure I was devoted and wouldn’t leave his heart in distress…

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