Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Dear lovely,

I know you’re not used to getting love letters but I think you deserve one. You are a beautiful person inside and out and you should hear it everyday. You have a smile that can light up a room. You have the cutest laugh that keeps people laughing for hours. Your eyes are big and brown and they fit you perfectly. Those freckles that are beginning to take over your face, make you even prettier and unique. Your lips are the prettiest pink with the perfect shape and fullness. I think your chubby cheeks give you a youthful cutesy look and you should be proud of them. Your hair…your natural kinky coily crown and glory is beyond beautiful! I know you think you look better with the long straight fake hair but when you wear your curly Afro hair your distinct natural beauty shines through. You are super expressive and you wear your heart on your sleeve…everyone can’t appreciate it but it’s a trait that is much needed in this cruel world. You are a procrastinator but you are also very determined and a fighter. I know you feel that you are weak at times but you have been through a lot. With all the obstacles, heart aches, and tribulations you have been able to accomplish what a lot cannot and have not done. You are not perfect but you are perfectly you. Just love who you are and the right person will come along and love you how you want to be loved. You are an amazing woman and you deserve to be loved and to be shown love everyday!


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6 thoughts on “Dear lovely,

  1. Chris D on said:

    Its crazy how much can be said in one paragraph. Its dope you how acknowledge your flaws and all. “You are not perfect but you are perfectly you”, facts.

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  2. Chris D on said:

    Haaa! Dont worry you’ll get there someday 🙃

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