Shades💋of 💋Dominique

I just wanna feel it

There’s nothing like the sensualness and strength of a man’s touch. Feeling his strong arms wrapped around me after a hard day at work. Those big rough hands grabbing on my booty as he whispers in my ear how much he missed me and really wants to do me. His soft juicy lips kissing on mine, holding me closer as our tongues seductively intertwine. Muscles bulging through his tight black shirt, he turns me around and begins lifting up my little skirt. Making sweet love all night long, holding and kissing each other, ain’t nothing about that wrong. Passion, laughter, excitement, seduction, a lot of hitting it from the back…mental, theoretical, psychological, conceptual love making, I need him to give me all of that. It’s been a minute since I’ve received that kind of affection, it’ll probably be even longer before I find that perfect connection…

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One thought on “I just wanna feel it

  1. Well damn! And I thought I was explicit! Lol. Good job E.L. James, oops, I meant Shades of Dominique!!👌🏾✌🏾

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