Shades💋of 💋Dominique

Looking in the mirror 

I look in the mirror, staring, wondering, contemplating 
Trying to accept me, love me, be happy with me.
Sometimes I see a goddess, a lively, glowing Queen
A curvaceous, statuesque, sultry bombshell…
Other times, I see a damaged, flawed, hurt, lost soul
A sad, unsure, unloved creature
Most times I see a smart, loving, caring optimist 
Then there are times I see a cruel, bitter, pessimist.
I want to see a happy, in love, focused, secure, extraordinary beauty
Right now all I see is a broken, unwanted, distracted, self conscious regular person.
But I know one day soon…I’ll see all of the positives, all of the good, all of the flaws…and I will love it all and will be happy to be me when I look in the mirror.💜

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4 thoughts on “Looking in the mirror 

  1. Chris D on said:

    Damn you’ve been MIA 😩come back 😅😅😅 but nah I hope as well

    Liked by 1 person

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