Shades💋of 💋Dominique


“50 likes, check. So and so liked it, check. 
Wait, who just unfollowed me, damn.”

Why do I look for others approval? I do what I want, post what I want, I don’t do it for the gram. 

But it still affects me, the disapproval and the dislike. I see myself as a likable person, friendly, and warm.

What happened in my childhood that makes me feel this way, needing to feel accepted and adored?

I take it so personal, when the ones I know personally, don’t like or approve.

Is there something I need to change and/or improve?

This is what I ask myself, constantly.

But I want to feel like f**k them and anyone else who don’t like me! Continue doing what I want, being happy and free. 

Free of worries if they like me or what I do. Free of doubt, insecurities, and not knowing my value. 

Still at this very moment, as I’m trying to be stronger, yet vulnerable and truthful.

I sit here thinking ” I hope they like my poem and I get their approval.”

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